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Getting StartedUpdated a year ago

What Comes in the box with the LIT Strength Machine

The LIT Strength Machine is delivered in 3 packages: 1 large box (40"L x 20"W x 20" H; 75 Lbs), 1 skinny box (60"L x 4" W x 4"H), 1 accessories box (10 x12 x 8) with our branded logo displayed on the sides. Its box contains all the parts and tools needed for its less than 5 minute assembly!

Please visit this page here to view our on-boarding + how to assemble all of your accessories and to learn all the amazing features.

How do I Track my metrics on the Strength Machine?

With LIT AXIS your repetitions, total volume, time under tension, and more is tracked on your machine.  We build our machines to be customizable to your goals and needs. If you are interested in those metrics above, be sure to make sure you order the two top tier packages that include AXIS.  

Additionally we offer speed and distance tracking with our rowing sensor. This rowing sensor also doesn't require electricity and is an easy addition to your machine.  You can purchase it here

How do I install the Tablet Mount?

You can view the tablet mount installation video here

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