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LIT Strength Machine

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Getting Started with the LIT Strength Machine, onboarding, troubleshooting and more.


Getting Started

The LIT Strength Machine is delivered in 3 packages: 1 large box (40"L x 20"W x 20" H; 75 Lbs), 1 skinny box (60"L x 4" W x 4"H), 1 accessories box (10 x12 x 8) with our branded logo displayed on the sides. Its box contains all the parts and tools ne

How to Install The Rowing Sensor

The LIT Rowing Sensor is sold separately and can be purchased here. If you have received your rowing sensor, you can learn how to install it to your machine here. To connect it to your app you can view the video here.

User Manual

You can view your LIT Strength Machine User Manual here.