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LIT APP Support

Have any questions? Here are some troubleshooting tips for the LIT APP.

Managing Your OnDemand Membership

Welcome to LIT! You can sign up for a free trial here. LIT classes are designed for all levels. We utilize all common equipment from bodyweight, dumbbells, resistance bands, rowing machines and more!. You can sign up for a membership here.  We offer

How to Stream LIT to a TV

The best way to play the LIT app on your TV is by using a Lightning to HDMI Adapter to connect your device directly into your television's HDMI Input. We highly recommend the Apple Lighting to HDMI Adapter. This will connect your TV's HDMI cable to y

LIT APP Support Videos

1. How to edit your personal information, view the step by step video HERE. 2. Where can I see my workout history? View the the step by step video HERE. 3. My Data isn’t storing after classes. View the the step by step video HERE.

How do I share my metrics on social?

You can now share your performance metrics on your social channels or save them to your photos. Step 1: After your workout your performance report will appear, on the top right hand corner you will see a "share" icon and this will bring you to the ne

How to Connect Apple Watch to your LIT App

1. Check if your Apple Watch and iPhone are paired correctly:. 2. Check your Apple Watch and iPhone's software updates:. 3. Check the fitness app's permissions:. 4. Check if the fitness app is installed on your Apple Watch:. 5. Check the fitness app'